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Size of the market in 2020 after the car broke trillion


      Up to now, car ownership in China has reached 130 million, for the automotive after-market scale and development of a broad space. 2012 China's automobile market has reached 460 billion yuan, and with the increase in age of the vehicle, the size of the market in 2015 will reach 766 billion yuan, is expected to market size in 2020 will exceed one trillion. It seems that China's auto market after worthwhile is known world-wide on the "gold industry."
In this market, the current home of approximately 35 million car repair business, which has 250,000 is only a change of engine oil, a change of three filter "roadside store," relatively regular maintenance plant has 100,000 home, while for these 350,000 repair shops or enterprises to provide spare parts suppliers have more than 70 thousand. So it seems, in our country, whether maintenance plant or parts suppliers have a huge number. However, according to European and American automotive aftermarket experience there will have to be integrated, and the vast majority of enterprises will be eliminated, the market will grasp some scale enterprises in the hands of a few.
So, in order to become the minority, either repair plant or parts suppliers are creating their own brands. However, as a terminal market changes in maintenance plant more worthy of our attention, it is also to enhance their parts suppliers will bring opportunities.
Concerned about the quality of plant parts brand maintenance of a certain size is not the first brand repair workshop "concerned parts supply channels and profit margins of protection", but priority components of "quality." Associations concerned of spare parts for the repair station has done a survey, draw the following data - statistics show Repairer parts of areas of concern: the quality of the attention is 90% in the first row; quick delivery concerns value of 85%; service concern value is 70 percent; while supply channels and profit margins security concern is 45%, came in the last one.
According to the analysis, as China's consumer matures and "Auto Warranty Law" on the automotive aftermarket clear and inflexible requirement for car repair service companies put forward higher requirements, which is intuitively reflect on with pieces of strict quality requirements, combined with the "quality can bring profits" and other factors, it wants to become a quality brand parts repair business priority concerns.
Look for a reliable brand parts procurement channels
In fact, high-quality brand parts car repair business is an important means to compete 4S shops and the future direction of development, which many repair companies have reached such a consensus. However, due to lengthy procurement channels and some level of self-interest for the sake of human existence, so that repair parts factory Purchasing brand is not an easy thing. To this end, the repair station also made related efforts.
It is understood that there are two thirty in Guangzhou comprehensive maintenance plant parts procurement jointly funded the establishment of distribution centers, from your vehicle, unified procurement of parts suppliers a comprehensive assessment of the brand suppliers recommended suppliers also poor be "killed." After several years of operation has formed a relatively good, reliable supply environment, the harvest of good results.
It is precisely because of such procurement channels to establish a reputation on the market, quality and integrity of the brand parts supplier to obtain a more favorable market environment, access to becoming a good opportunity for development.
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